The Humane Society is currently closed due to the COVID-19 situation

In the interest of the public's safety and the safety of our employees and volunteers, we will be closed for the next couple of weeks.  We will not be taking in animals during this time.  Please contact your local publicly funded shelter or another private rescue group.

Clinic Services

We will still be hosting clinics (spay/neuter, shots etc.).  Continue to make an appointment (click here).  Please note these important points:

  • Clinic dates are posted on the first day of each month at midnight.

  • Clinic reservations fill VERY quickly, normally within hours.  Once the clinic is full, no clinic dates will show up for the month.  The software is working properly, the demand is extraordinary at this time.  We normally receive 50-100 calls a day wanting a to spay/neuter appointment.

  • If you have a clinic appointment, please come at your reservation time.  If you can't make it, please cancel as soon as you can so that someone else can come in your place.

Med Refills

You can email us at humanesocietysalinecounty@gmail.com and we will be doing refills once or twice a week, depending on volume.  You can also order online at 100PetMeds or a Walmart pharmacy and THEY will contact us to approve the refill.  We will be in contact with them and THEY will contact you and ship your meds to you.

Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Our humane society has been in existence since 1975.  Since then, we've taken in, cared for and adopted out thousands of cats and dogs.  Click here for more information about our shelter. Our shelter hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 4pm. 
Adoptable Dogs 

Click here to see some of our dogs available for adoption.​

Adoptable Cats 

Click here to see some of our cats available for adoption.


Check out our Events page for the current list of upcoming clinics and adoption events.​

Monthly Donations

Would you like to make a monthly donation to the HSSC?  Use the drop-down menu to pick an amount, click the "Subscribe" button below, and after a few more steps that amount will automatically be donated to us every month.  Thank you so much!

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We are open Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 4pm